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8 Highlights of Sicily

Clare in Palermo

8th March 2017: There’s no better way to explore the stunning country of Sicily than with a Titan escorted tour. Titan not only escort you around some of the idyllic sites of this volcanic island, their expert guides teach you interesting and historical facts about each place or landmark so you come home filled with knowledge and unforgettable experiences.

On my recent trip with Titan I was lucky enough to see some of the most amazing and beautiful sights of Sicily. Here are my 8 must-see locations for your next trip to Sicily.

1. Catania

As the second largest city in Sicily, Catania is well-known for its baroque architecture and urban design. Its main square is magnificent and its buildings tower above you. Located on the eastern coast of the island, Catania had to be rebuilt in 1693 after a huge earthquake. Despite this, many Romanesque buildings and landmarks still exist and are a beauty to marvel. I could tell Sicily was going to be a country I couldn’t wait to explore in more detail.

View from Catania

2. Taormina

The guided tour took us to this quaint town and it's not hard to see why it is a place of interest. We visited the ancient amphitheatre and were rewarded with absolutely stunning views of the town below and the iconic Mount Etna volcano which stands as a dominant focal-point in the distance. After meandering along Taormina’s cobbled streets, shops and stalls I reached its magnificent town-square. Its stone patterned floors are beautiful and its stunning church overlooks the glorious Ionian Sea.


3. Mount Etna

Well, what can I say about Mt. Etna? After climbing 1900m above sea-level I was left amazed at how fierce this active volcano could really be. I was surprised to see restaurants and shops at this height; many were selling lava rock which had been made into trinkets and magnets. Close to Mt. Etna is the quaint village of Murgo which offers honey-tasting. The honey is like nothing I’ve ever tasted, it is delicious! So much so I just had to buy two jars, mandarin and chilli – chilli has quite a kick!

Clare at Mt Etna

4. Syracuse

This ancient city is a UNESCO world heritage site and is full of ancient ruins and grand buildings. First built in the 5th century BC and then renovated in the 3rd century BC, its Greek theatre is unmissable on any Sicilian trip.


5. Piazza Armerina – Roman Villa

The Roman Villa in Piazza Armerina is truly magnificent. The Grand Hall took my breath away as I walked along the intricate and detailed mosaics which had been uncovered. For as long as the eye can see you are shown stories of daily life and historical battles both lost and won.

Roman Villa

6. Cefalu

Cefalu is by far the prettiest fishing village I have ever seen, so pretty in fact, it could easily be pictured on a postcard. Imagine opening the window shutters early one morning and looking out across the sparkling blue ocean and its shoreline. I made a note to myself that Cefalu is definitely a place I will be returning to in the near future.


7. Palermo

Sicily’s cultural, economic and tourist capital is rich in history, culture, art, music and food. People who visit this glorious city are attracted to its temperate climate, Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque churches, palaces and buildings. The Cathedral of Monreale is one of the city’s highlights and its Norman architecture is one of the greatest examples of this style of building in the world.


8. Agrigento

World-renowned for its archaeological heritage, the city of Agrigento is home to the UNESCO listed Valley of the Temples. When visiting the temples, you can clearly see the skill and effort which went in to creating them which makes them all-the-more alluring.

Valley of the Temples

Needless to say, I loved Sicily and look forward to returning soon. Do give me a call if you'd like to know more about this stunning destination, and travelling there with Titan Travel.

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