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    27 Holidays found

  • Festive Celebrations in the Canaries
    Festive Celebrations in the Canaries

    Celebrate Christmas and see in the New Year, whilst soaking up the warmth of the Canary Islands.

    • Cruise Line: Saga
    • Departure Date: 18th December 2021
    • Cruise Duration: 17  nights
  • Coastlines of Croatia
    Coastlines of Croatia

    Turn back centuries as you visit the Mediterranean time-capsule destinations of Venice, Split, Kotor andmore.

    • Cruise Line: Saga
    • Departure Date: 2nd September 2021
    • Cruise Duration: 22  nights
  • Mediterranean Ancient Wonders
    Mediterranean Ancient Wonders

    This 24-night voyage aboard Spirit of Discovery calls at the classic Greek islands of Crete and Mykonos, stops overnight in ancient Piraeus - the port for Athens - and gives you a taste of Turkey.

    • Cruise Line: Saga
    • Departure Date: 12th April 2021
    • Cruise Duration: 24  nights
  • Stars of the Canaries
    Stars of the Canaries

    Be mesmerized by the celestial beauty of the night skies above the Canary Islands, one of the best places in the world for stargazing.

    • Cruise Line: Saga
    • Departure Date: 1st November 2020
    • Cruise Duration: 14  nights
  • Autumn Colours of the USA and Canada
    Autumn Colours of the USA and Canada

    Admire the natural spectacle of autumn colours on this Transatlantic voyage to eastern Canada and New England in the USA.

    • Cruise Line: Saga
    • Departure Date: 29th September 2021
    • Cruise Duration: 29  nights
  • The Festive Continent
    The Festive Continent

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year… so kickstart your festive celebrations with visits to the traditional Christmas markets of Belgium.

    • Cruise Line: Saga
    • Departure Date: 16th December 2020
    • Cruise Duration: 5  nights
  • A Taste of the British Isles
    A Taste of the British Isles

    Get a taste of new destinations across the British Isles, from the picturesque Scottish fishing town of Ullapool to the charismatic Irish capital, Dublin.

    • Cruise Line: Saga
    • Departure Date: 2nd August 2021
    • Cruise Duration: 13  nights
  • Continental Escape
    Continental Escape

    Enjoy a five-night cruise along the south side of the Channel from Amsterdam to Normandy.

    • Cruise Line: Saga
    • Departure Date: 15th November 2021
    • Cruise Duration: 5  nights