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    28 Holidays found

  • Global Explorer
    Global Explorer

    On this all-around-the-world adventure, you'll travel over 31,000 miles, take in 14 cities, 11 countries and cross the International Date Line.

    • Destination: Switzerland,Italy,India,Singapore,Vietnam,Thailand,China,South Korea,Australia,New Zealand,USA
    • Date: 26th September 2019
    • Duration: 31  nights
    • Guide Price: From £13,499pp
  • A China Experience
    A China Experience

    This introductory tour offers a glimpse of China's glorious past, fascinating present and bright future with visits to the exceptional and contrasting cities of Shanghai and Beijing.

    • Destination: China
    • Date: March - November 2019
    • Duration: 9  nights
    • Guide Price: From £1,990pp
  • Glories of China
    Glories of China

    The striking landscape along the Li River is the defining highlight of this popular itinerary

    • Destination: China
    • Date: Various departure dates September 2019 - November 2020
    • Duration: 13  nights
    • Guide Price: From £2,190pp
  • A China Experience with Cosmos
    A China Experience with Cosmos

    On this tour through China, you'll explore some of China's most famous sites and learn about its ancient and current culture.

    • Destination: China
    • Date: Various departure dates in 2019
    • Duration: 10  nights
    • Guide Price: From £1,999pp
  • Yunnan & Sichuan
    Yunnan & Sichuan

    As two of the most fascinating, diverse and colourful provinces in China, Yunnan and Sichuan are a cornucopia of wonders, from the lofty peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to the stunning natural scenery of Wulong, to the lovable nature of the Giant Panda.

    • Destination: China
    • Date: 7th September 2019
    • Duration: 15  nights
    • Guide Price: From £3,190pp
  • Magnificent China
    Magnificent China

    China is home to a great number of magnificent and world-renowned sights. This tour incorporates them all – cruise along the mighty Yangtze and languid Li Rivers, visit the adorable pandas and admire the astonishing Great Wall and Terracotta Army.

    • Destination: China
    • Date: Various departure dates up to November 2019
    • Duration: 21  nights
    • Guide Price: From £3,490pp
  • The Wonders of China
    The Wonders of China

    See into an off-limits ceremonial hall in Beijing’s Forbidden City and Meet Xian’s 2,000-year-old Terracotta Warriors on this escorted tour of the wonders of China.

    • Destination: China
    • Date: 19th September 2019 & 24th October 2019
    • Duration: 11  nights
    • Guide Price: From £5,120pp
  • China, Yangtze & Hong Kong
    China, Yangtze & Hong Kong

    Enjoy this spectacualr China tour which includes a cruise through the Yangtze River's Three Gorges.

    • Destination: China
    • Date: Various departure dates
    • Duration: 15  nights
    • Guide Price: From £6,102pp