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  • An Eastern Journey
    An Eastern Journey

    Discover Canada’s mix of old World charm and vibrant urban pleasures. Fortified towns, canals and historic forts coexist with cosmopolitan cities with world-class attractions; and urban adventures make way for legendary natural splendour.

    • Destination: Canada
    • Date: 14th September 2019
    • Duration: 8  nights
    • Guide Price: From £1,409pp
  • An Andalucian Trilogy
    An Andalucian Trilogy

    An opportunity to see all the highlights of Andalucia on this tailor made itinerary. This tour includes a tapas lunch and a walking tour in Seville as well as a whole host of other extras.

    • Destination: Spain
    • Date: Various departure dates
    • Duration: 7  nights
    • Guide Price: From £1,839pp
  • America’s Historic Cities
    America’s Historic Cities

    Adorned with small town charm and bustling megacities in equal measure, this colourful adventure on America’s east coast will take you from the moss-draped oak trees of Savannah to the modern metropolis of New York City - collecting pieces of America’s history at each stop along the way.

    • Destination: USA
    • Date: 22nd August 2019
    • Duration: 13  nights
    • Guide Price: From £2,799pp
  • Wonders of China
    Wonders of China

    This fully inclusive tour of China gives you the opportunity to experience the variety of wonders that this amazing country has to offer, from the history of its iconic landmarks to modern and cosmopolitan Shanghai and poetic landscapes.

    • Destination: China
    • Date: March - November 2019
    • Duration: 15  nights
    • Guide Price: From £3,190pp
  • Historic Gems of Malta
    Historic Gems of Malta

    This island nation’s strategic location in the middle of the Mediterranean, just south of Sicily, has created a fascinating history.

    • Destination: Malta
    • Date: February - November 2019
    • Duration: 7  nights
    • Guide Price: From £799pp
  • Havana & The Colonial History of Cuba
    Havana & The Colonial History of Cuba

    Discover Cuba, nestled just off the Gulf of Mexico, explore a healthy dose of Latin American influences combined with the laid-back soul of the West Indies as you tour this wonderful and historic location.

    • Destination: Cuba
    • Date: Various departure dates
    • Duration: 12  nights
    • Guide Price: From £3,595pp
  • Southern Sights and Sounds for Single Travellers
    Southern Sights and Sounds for Single Travellers

    One of our bestselling tours, this two-week itinerary puts the focus on the Deep South’s rich cultural heritage.

    • Destination: USA
    • Date: 10th September 2019
    • Duration: 13  nights
    • Guide Price: From £3,299pp
  • Chile Top to Toe
    Chile Top to Toe

    Travel the length of Chile, from the barren beauty of the Atacama and altiplano of the north, via the lakes and volcanoes of the Lake District, to the spectacular mountains and glaciers of Patagonia in the south.

    • Destination: Chile
    • Date: Sep - Nov 2019
    • Duration: 15  nights
    • Guide Price: From £4,190pp