Rachel Gillett

Rachel Gillett
Foreign Exchange Specialist

Phone Rachel: 01989 477 021

Email Rachel: rachel.gillett@milesmorgantravel.co.uk

Visit Rachel: 12 Market Place, Ross On Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 5NU

All about Rachel

Believe it or not, I was once a reluctant traveller, turning down holiday's abroad for various reasons. I'd panic at the airport, I hated flying and my personal favourite was, I won't be able to cope with the different money. Any one who knows me would laugh now. I work in the Foreign Exchange, in the Ross-on-Wye branch, with my partner in crime and the lady who convinced me to 'give it a go', my manager Nina Robertshaw. I have worked in the Foreign Exchange Bureau in Ross-on-Wye for over a year now, and can honestly say I love meeting people who are about to travel, or have come back to let me know how they got on with their trips.

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