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I have travelled across all five continents and have a real passion for travel. Favourite places? Was it sitting on the snow looking out across the Grand Canyon? Maybe riding the elephants in Sri Lanka? Horse Riding in the Dominican? Or riding the duelling dragons in Orlando? Cuddling a Koala or feeding the Kangaroos by hand in Australia Zoo? Too many to mention, all for very different reasons that evoke different memories. I have recently returned from Australia, a country I have fallen in Love with! On a different level one of my favourite places is Malta, I used to live there as a child and still try to go back to holiday when I can. It's a beautiful historic country that I never tire of. Over the years I have witnessed a change in the places people are wanting to travel to, they are looking to go further afield,being more adventurous wanting more from their holidays, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than playing a part in helping them plan that special trip. After working for several years for the one of the big travel companies I have finally found my niche working for a small independent company who cares. I consider myself very lucky as I love my job! What more can I say.

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Sharon was a delight to work with and we are so pleased at what she has been able to put together for both of our next two adventures. It is a great feeling to go from nothing to having 2 holidays signed up in such a short space of time. For me it continues to prove that despite all of the opportunities to try and do things from home in the misplaced idea that it will be cheaper it is a far more satisfying and comforting experience to sit with a professional. For Florida I had a figure in mind based on a quick bit of internet from home which Sharon was able to beat hands down. For the Rhodes holiday we did end up with somewhere that we had looked at from home for a 7 day offering. Sharon was able to get us a better standard of room and a longer holiday at a lower cost per day, fantastic ! As always I will be relaying on my experiences to people that I meet to try and send them in your direction.

- Tim

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