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For many, a China holiday is the fulfillment of a dream. Explore a land full of the world's oldest traditions, beautiful landscapes and fascinating culture. Our China tours offer a truly unique experience for every traveller. Discover iconic sights and hidden treasures from the majestic Great Wall to the impressive Terracotta Warriors of Xian to the mighty Yangtze River and the breath-taking scenery that surrounds her.

And yet these famous sights are only the first steps in discovering this fascinating land. A land of beauty with its poetic landscapes around Guilin, dramatic gorges along the Yangtze and striking mountain scenery in Nine Villages Valley. For the more adventurous, there is the opportunity to travel along the ancient Silk Road or venture overland into mystical Tibet.

We have a wide range of tours catering for both the first time visitor to China and the return traveller. As well as the iconic sights of Beijing and Xian, why not travel further afield to the inspirational natural phenomena of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Yet beyond all these great wonders, iconic sights and spectacular natural beauty, the most enduring memory is often the charm of the Chinese themselves.

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