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Snow, hot chocolate and huskies with Caroline!

Caroline intro

After a bright and early start and a meet up at Bristol Airport, we flew 3 and a half hours to Enontekio Arctic Airport in Finnish Lapland. We stepped of the plane into a winter wonderland, still full of festive charm. After all, this is where Santa lives!

Having listened to sound advice, we were already wearing coats, a layer or two of thermals and were well prepared with hats, gloves, and scarves at the ready. Only one plane at the airport meant only one queue for passport control, a little train full of suitcases and a quick exit to the awaiting coaches. Our 50 minute transfer through the snowy arctic wilderness was beautiful.

caroline wilderness

We arrived at the Davvi Arctic Lodge in Karesuando, which sits on a hill with views to Sweden, only a mile or so away. We checked in and were taken to our 3 bedroom Fell House, where we were looking forward to sharing such an amazing experience. It was basic but fresh and clean and proved later to have lovely comfy beds (a must on anyone's list).

Quickly sorted, we then went to the Suit and Boot room to pick up our thermal suits and boots for the days ahead... don't worry there are sizes to fit everyone! A short 5 minute walk from our Fell House, through a well-lit wood, was a great way to build up an appetite for dinner. Dinner was served buffet style with plenty of choice for all. Nourishing and delicious home cooked, hot and cold traditional dishes, soup, salad bar and a choice of deserts for those with a sweet tooth. There was plenty of water too as this is a must in such cold dry temperatures to avoid dehydration!


Following dinner was a welcome meeting which was very informative and gives a good insight into all the available activities. After this, we kitted up again for a walk to the top of the hill with a fantastic view and then back to bed ready for an early start the next day.

Breakfast didn't fail to disappoint and we were then fully fuelled for the day ahead…

caroline sweden

"Anyone fancy a walk to Sweden?"

This seemed like an odd question, but off we went... 30 minutes later we were crossing the border via a bridge from Finland to Sweden, which of course is another must have photographic opportunity. A foot in each country! Swedish Karesuando was beautiful, where a pretty church stood out proudly in a pure white snowy backdrop. It was perfect timing for a hot chocolate at the Davvi Arctic Star, a more contemporary sister hotel of the Davvi Arctic Lodge where we were staying.

caroline finland sign

We went back for a warming lunch, ready for an afternoon trip to Kuttanen to visit the reindeer camp. What is not to love about meeting Rudolph’s friends with their snowy noses! We were divided into two groups and our group headed to the traditional Sami Hut known as a Lavvu. This is what the Sami use as a temporary shelter so they can follow their reindeer herds. With a roaring campfire in the middle, we began to listen to traditional stories, cooked sausages and drank Gloggi, a traditional berry juice. We then braved the outdoors again and had the pleasure of a traditional sleigh ride pulled by the reindeer. This went across a frozen lake, the quick access the locals have across to Sweden, which turns into a two hour drive in the summer unless of course they have a boat!

caroline reindeer

It was a beautiful, peaceful, and very scenic ride which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. On our return...yes, it's dinner time again! After dinner we headed out on a planned forest walk to capture the Northern Lights who were very shy tonight due to snowy, cloudy skies!... Never mind, the exercise, company, views, campfire and of course more Gloggi was all worth the wait, complete with traditional stories about the lights and the wildlife. Back to bed with a 22,000 step count later - we slept like logs!

Following a more leisurely breakfast as unfortunately our husky experience had to be postponed as it was too windy, nothing was too much trouble for the staff to move activities around and we filled our time with another snowy walk ready for another trip in the afternoon.

caroline snowmobile

Our optional excursion " Fell Viewpoint on Snowmobiles" left from just outside the Fell Houses, so time for a quick cuppa, snowsuits on and an adventure. We were all so excited, but also apprehensive. Following some instruction, we boarded our snowmobiles, we paired up and my colleague preferred to be a passenger... so putting her life in my hands, we set off! It was an incredibly challenging ride which ended in a couple of mishaps for some and their snowmobiles being buried waste deep in the snow! I loved this experience the most as I never thought this would be something I would do.

Following dinner, Suzanne and I couldn't keep out of the snow so went off on a forest walk to see the Igloos lit up under a full moon, ready for those who fancied a night under the ice! Brrrrrr! Several photo opportunities later, we headed back to warm up again before we were out snowmobiling again on the Northern Lights Snowmobile Safari, which set off at 11pm.


Off we drove again, over to Sweden, and up the middle of a wide frozen river to the most spectacular clearing. We looked up, drank Gloggi (non-alcoholic I must add) and waited... The weather was particularly mild compared to the usual -27degrees but the clothing provided did its job well, although the Northern Lights didn't make an appearance sadly. At 1am, we returned and collapsed into our very comfy beds.

A day I wasn't looking forward to came around quickly, our last day in Lapland...surely not, I'm having too much fun! "The Call of The Wild" Husky experience was next on the agenda. A thirty minute spectacular scenic drive later we were being introduced to the huskies, old and young, and heard all about their lives in Lapland. They were so keen at the thought of another good run across a frozen lake, they barked and howled with excitement... We could choose to Mush the huskies or just be a passenger and enjoy the ride. After driving a snowmobile for 5 hours the day before, I went for the lazy option... I sat and watched the winter wonderland go by, it was exhilarating and thoroughly enjoyable. What an end to a truly amazing trip...Back to the lodge, lunch and load up the coach for the trip back to the airport.

caroline husky

I must say Transun did us proud... A thoroughly enjoyable, well organised amazing trip which I would recommend to everyone.

Don't ever let the cold temperatures put you off this fantastic experience, the thermal suits and boots provided are perfect for the arctic conditions. The Full Board trip is incredible value for anyone and the best place to make some great memories with your friends and family. It was even worth it just for the incredible views from the restaurant!

For anyone who would like to enjoy this amazing opportunity, please email me at [email protected] and I will be delighted to organise this special trip for you. Don't forget if you would also like to meet Santa and experience all these activities, we have a designated trip for you too!

caroline outro

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